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Welcome to my website. My name is Ron Vergerio, and I am the Pittsburgh Steelers Ultimate Fan. Over the past 7 years I have dedicated my body as the canvas of artwork symbolizing my passion for the Pittsburgh Steelers. The tattoos are somewhat a collage of many of my favorite past and present Steelers. I am a Steelers fanatic. I attend every training camp, watch every game, follow all Steeler related news.....and let's not forget the tattoos! Not only have I dedicated my body, but also my home to Steelers memorabilia. I have been on many local news stations to showcase my home and tattoos. I have been in many local newspapers, Inked Magazine and in a documentary video produced by HBO sports called "Fan Life - Tattoo Man."

I currently have over 200 hours of sitting time involved in the tattoos. All tattoos have been done by my good friend Chris Blick, owner of American Tattoo in Verona, PA. I originally started with one tattoo of a snarling football with the Steelers logo on my right arm . Ever since then I have not been able to stop! I have a full back piece, both sides of my chest, both arms, both legs with plans of adding more. I will be finished when there is no more room for tattoos. Every single piece is a dedication to the Pittsburgh Steelers.

My home decor is also completely Pittsburgh Steeler themed. From the kitchen to the living room is a shrine to my favorite players past and present. I have autographed pictures of the entire present roster as a border around the kitchen. The floors, cabinets, curtains and walls are all in black and gold. There are many Steeler themed items in both rooms. The living room is dedicated to the Steelers of the 70's. With autographed photos of many of the 70's Superbowl team.

I have a wonderful wife who supports my passion for the Steelers, along with three daughters and a son who are all huge Steeler fans. I even named my son Melvin Cornell, after the great Mel Blount.

I invite you to take a look around my website at all of my photos and media coverage. You will see why I am the Ultimate Steelers Fan!